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Matching candidates with opportunities based on skills, passions & strengths.

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  1. Develop a matchable opportunity
  2. Instantly view candidates sorted by match score & interest
  3. Connect with the best match candidates the way they like to connect, via social chat & video

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  1. Sign up and build your profile in 20 seconds with LinkedIn Connect
  2. View real job postings that match your unique profile
  3. Let employers come to you with new opportunities

Employer Features

ATS Integration

Simple plug-in to most popular Applicant Tracking Systems

Social Chat

Communicate with candidates the way they want


Team videos and images help to attract best fit candidates

Instant Matching

Force rank all candidates by Profile Match score

Candidate Notifications

System driven candidate notifications for every state change

Opportunity Builder

Easy guide for hiring managers and teams to build matchable opportunities

Candidate Features

Profile In Seconds

Sign up and build a profile in less than 20 seconds

1-Second Application

Don't waste time on a resume or cover letter, apply in just 1 second

Personal Connections

Get matched and connect directly with hiring managers

Discover New Jobs

Find new job opportunities that are pre-filtered for you

Real Feedback

Get direct and immediate feedback on your applications

Secure & Private

Hide your profile from current and previous employers

Find your perfect match today!

Wellhire has simplified the process of hiring as we know it. Being able to assess job candidate skills directly from job posts, emails, or anywhere you can post a web link is.. a game changer.

Miles Jennings
Founder & Managing Partner

Wellhire has greatly improved our recruiting and hiring efforts. Clearly comparing candidate skills and viewing candidate profile information without lengthy interviews has saved us a ton of time.

Mike Sheridan
Docstoc by Quicken

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